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How Do I - Exchange - Force Update Your Local Copy of the Global Address Book (GAL)
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How to force update your local copy of the GAL Global address book In Cached Exchange Mode, Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 downloads a local copy of the Global Address List GAL, but only updates it every 24 hours. In order to reflect any new changes made to the Global Address List, you can force Outlook to download a new copy of the GAL. Step 1: Outlook 2007 left Click on Tools, highlight Send/Receive, select Download Address Book. Outlook 2010/2013 middle and right Click the Send/Receive Tab, click Send/Receive Groups, Select Download Addressbook. Step 2: Uncheck the box next to Download changes since last Send/Receive. In the Information to download section, select Full Details and in the Address Book section, choose Global Address List. Now click OK. NOTE Please read this section carefully, or your update will not work Step 3: The new version of the GAL will now be downloaded. A status window will open to indicate that the download is in progress and will close automatically when the download is complete. This could take several minutes Step 4: Reboot your computer. Save your work first