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How Do I - Exchange - Share Contacts with Another Person in Clemsonand#39;s Exchange System.
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How to Share Outlook Contacts with Another Person in Clemsonandrsquos Exchange System A few notes for you to consider before starting. There are a few different methods of sharing Contacts depending on what version of Outlook you are using. The methods covered in this document are for Outlook 2007 and 2010 for Windows and Outlook 2011 for Mac. If you are a nonexchange user, but are using Outlook as your mail client and wish to share a distribution list or Contact, Please see document: How to Share a Distribution List. Outlook 2007 and 2010 Simple Method for Primary Contacts Open Outlook and select Contacts. Rightclick your Contacts, Select Share then click Share Contacts. Address your message to the Clemson Exchange user users you wish to share with.Note: Make sure the Option to andldquoAllow recipient to view your Contacts folderandrdquo is checked. Optionally, selectandldquoRequest permission to view recipientandrsquos Contacts folderandrdquo if needed. Outlook 2007 and 2010 Advanced Method Secondary Contacts If you do not wish to share your primary contacts, you can create a new contacts folder and then share it instead of your primary contacts folder. RightClick Contacts and select New Folder. Type a descriptive name for your new folder ex. Contacts for 2010. Once you add your contacts and distribution lists to the new contact folder, you are ready to share it with other Exchange users. Rightclick your Contacts, Select Share, then click Share Contacts. Address your message to the Clemson Exchange users you wish to share with.Note: Secondary Contact folders are ViewOnly by default when sent, if you wish for the list to be editable, select the andldquoRecipient can add, edit, and deleted items in this contact folderandrdquo option. Sharing a Contact List with Outlook 2011 for Mac Outlook 2011 for Mac does not have the convenient sharing options built in you will need to manually share the folder via Sharing Permission dialogs. RightClick the Contact folder you wish to share and select Sharing Permissions. In this dialog, click the Add Userandhellip Button. In the dialog box at the top, type the userid or Name and click Find. Click to select the person you want, and then click the OK button. Click to highlight your newly added person, and then modify the Permission Level below. Click OK when done.Note: You will also need to manually inform the person that you have shared your Contacts with them Outlook 2011 for Mac does not automatically do this for you. Opening a Shared Contact List with Outlook 2011 for Mac If you are using Outlook 2011 for Mac and have been informed that a contact list has been shared with you, do the following to open it. In Outlook 2011, select File, then Open, then Others Userandrsquos Folder. In this dialog box, click the address book icon, and find the Userandrsquos folder you wish to open. Make sure the Type: Option is set to Address Book. The Shared Contacts will be opened in a shared Contacts folder in your Sidebar.