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Distance Education - request for information
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Help desk solution Hello, Mr customer name. We have received your request and are sending you info on the courses offered through our Distance Education program. The info is attached. Please let us know if you need additional info and we can get you in contact with someone from the Distance Education Group. Thank You. Then copy the info below into your reply... If they reply back wanting more info, then send the ticket to the ETSDE group. College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities Master of Construction Science Management Admission Requirements The MCSM program provides students with a high level of skill and understanding in the areas of construction project and control. The degree focuses on the advanced study in the field of business techniques, in new and emerging technologies for construction project delivery systems and in the administration of construction firms. For more information, visit the MCSM Graduate Study website http://www.clemson.edu/caah/csm/GRAD/dist.htm. The advisors for this online program are: Ray Schneider rkschneclemson.edu 864 6566739 Deborah Anthony adeboraclemson.edu 864 6560181 College of Engineering and Science MENGR Degree, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE Admission Requirements The Master of Engineering MENGR degree program in Electrical Engineering available to offcampus students who take courses through distance education. The MENGR is distinct in that applicants are not required to take the Graduate Record Examination GRE and are not required to satisfy a focus area requirement. In the MENGR program an Engineering Report is submitted in lieu of a conventional masterand39s thesis. The engineering report is fundamentally the same as a thesis, but is required to conform to college formatting standards as opposed to university thesis standards. For more information, visit the ECE Graduate Studies and Research Programs website http://www.ece.clemson.edu/ece/gradovvw.shtml. The advisor for these online programs is: Darren Dawson ddarrenclemson.edu 8646565924 College of Health, Education, and Human Development Master of Human Resource Development Admission Requirements The Master of Human Resource Development program is designed to prepare graduates to serve as a competent human resource professionals in a variety of education, training, and development settings within industrial, business, and public sector environments. For more information, visit the MHRD Program Overview website http://www.hehd.clemson.edu/schoolofed/ghrd.htm. The advisor for this online program is: Dr. Phil McGee pmcgeeclemson.edu 864 2506710 Master of Science in Youth Development Admission Requirements The Master of Science in Youth Development is a unique program designed to prepare new professionals, retool current workers, and address career changes for practicing professionals in youth serving positions. Utilizing an integrated strategy of education and collaboration, the program will equip you with the competencies, knowledge and skills necessary to help young people develop into healthy, competent, coping and contributing citizens. For more information, visit the Master of Science in Youth Development Online Degree Program website http://www.clemson.edu/youthdevelopment/pages/masters.phpmaster. The advisors for this online program is: Dr. William Quinn wquinnclemson.edu 8646561501 PhD in Educational Leadership Admission Requirements for Higher Ed Admission Requirements for P 12 The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Leadership is designed to provide program graduates with a strong background in two basic academic areas: educational research and educational leadership. The program offers distance education options for the higher education track. Note: This degree program is a hybrid program and only onethird of the program is offered online. Please click on the link above for detailed program information. For more information, visit the Doctorate Educational Leadership website http://www.hehd.clemson.edu/schoolofed/acgradprgmphdel.php. The advisors for this online program is: P12 Dr. Jane Lindle jlindleclemson.edu 8646560446 Higher Education Dr. Frankie Keels Williams fkwclemson.edu 8646561491