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In Microsoft Outlook or Exchange, how do I address email?
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In Outlook or Exchange, you can address email one of two ways: Enter an address in the To... field of the message creation window. Select recipients from the Address Book. Using the To... field When using the To... field, you can do one of the following: Enter a complete email address in the form usernamedomain e.g., jdoehotmail.com . Enter the username only without domain of someone listed in the Exchange Address Book. If the user does not have an Exchange account, Exchange will try to resolve the username against the Global Address List GAL. If it succeeds, the message will be delivered to the preferred email address of that user. If it cannot resolve the username, a red line will appear under the username or address in the To... field. Enter a name that appears in the Exchange Address Book, in the GAL, or in your Contacts. If the name is unique, the message will be sent. If the name is not unique and appears in the Exchange Address Book, you will be presented with a list of matches from which to choose. Note for 2003 or 2007 users: The AutoComplete feature in can interfere with Exchange resolving the address against the GAL. For more information, see the Knowledge Base document 00301 In Outlook 2003 or 2007, what is AutoComplete Addressing When entering multiple addresses for recipients, separate the addresses with a semicolon. Using the Address Book 1. With the message window open, from the Tools menu, select Address Book... . You can also click the To... button to open the Address Book. 2. Find the name of the intended recipient by selecting from the list or typing a name into the search box. 3. Highlight the name, and click the appropriate box i.e., To for primary recipient, Cc for carbon copy, or Bcc for blind carbon copy. 4. When finished, click OK.