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How do I archive/restore archived email messages in Outlook (manually)?
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To archive email manually: 1. On the File menu, click Archive. 2. Specify whether to archive all folders using Microsoftand39s AutoArchive settings that is, either the default settings, or perfolder settings you specified for individual folders or whether to archive an individual folder using the options you specify in this dialog box. To restore an archive: 1. On the File menu, click Import and Export. 2. Click Import from another program or file . Click Next. 3. Click Personal Folder File .pst. Click Next. 4. In the File to import box, change the default file name in the path from backup.pst to the name of the archive file youand39re importing from. Click Next. 5. Click the folder to import from. If you want, click Include subfolders . 6. Specify how you want Outlook to handle duplicate items. 7. Click Import items into the same folder and then click the folders with the same name as the folders youand39re importing from. 8. Click finish.