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Can I export contacts from Outlook?
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First, create a new folder for the contacts you want to export. 1. On the File menu, point to new, and then click Folder. 2. Type a name for the folder. 3. In the Folder contains list, click Contact Items. 4. In the Select where to place the folder list, select a spot in your personal folder list, select OK. Then: 1. On the Outlook Bar, click Contacts, or click another private or public contacts folder that you want to copy information from. 2. To copy the contacts, press and hold down CTRL and drag the contacts you want from the Contacts folder you just clicked to the new contacts folder you just created. 3. On the file menu, click Import and Export to export the new contacts folder. 4. Click Export to a file, and then click Next. 5. In the list, click the file type you want to export to and then click Next. 6. Select the contact file you created, click next 7. Save exported file as, select browse to name and save your file to your hard drive, click next Finish