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Instructions for Setting up BlackBerry Desktop Manager
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1. Run the BlackBerry Desktop Software installer from the CD that came with your device or from the campus share drive at S:SoftwareInstallBlackBerryDesktopManager. 2. Select USA/English as the default location/language. 3. Accept the license agreement. 4. Enter your information in the User Name and Organization fields. Choose the option to install for Anyone who uses this computer. 5. Click Next to install to the default location. 6. Select the Typical install. 7. Select the integration option BlackBerry Enterprise Server... and click Next. 8. Select Microsoft Exchange as your BlackBerry Enterprise Server and click Next. 9. Choose the option to Redirect messages using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. 10. Select shortcut install options to your preferences. 11. Click Install to complete the installation of the software.