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This document explains how to configure a workstation to utilize iPrint for queue based secured printing. Novell iPrint provides the means to transform an NDPS printer into an IPPenabled printer, thereby giving it an intranet, extranet and Internet presence. As Netenabled printers, all NDPS printers can now be located by their URLs, so you can search for them and install them to your workstation via a web browser. Drivers for each printer are downloaded and installed automatically. No Novell client is needed to access iPrint enabled printers however they are all configured to utilize the same restrictions as their previous NDPS counterparts. iPrint printers can coexist with older NDPS printers. As always, any problems, questions, or comments about this document can be sent via email to ITHELPclemson.edu. 1. Open up a web browser Internet Explorer or Firefox. 2. Download the iPrint thin client by using one of the following links. Windows: http://www.clemson.edu/iprint/nipp.exe MacOSX: http://www.clemson.edu/iprint/iprint.dmg 3. Close any web browsers entirely and run the installer you just downloaded. 4. When the installation is complete start your web browser Internet Explorer or Firefox and go to http://www.clemson.edu/iprint 5. You will see a list of iPrint enabled printers sorted by their location. The first column is the NDPS/iPrint printer name, the 2nd is the physical location this is the default alphabetic listing and the 3rd is the printer info button this can be clicked to see printer information such as the make and model of the printer, the current state of the printer and any jobs already in the queue. 6. Scroll to your desired printer and click the printer name to install it. You will be prompted to authenticate. 7. Enter your NOVELL userid and password. 8. You will be prompted to install the printer. Check the box if you wish to make this printer the default printer. Once you select Yes to install the printer the printer drivers will be automatically downloaded and your system will automatically be configured to use that printer. 9. You will need to reauthenticate each time you reboot and try to access this printer. .