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Requesting a Netware Printer Queue
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Every Department should have at least one Network Laser Printer. Things needed: 1. Network laser printer 2. Preinstalled Ethernet card 3. Ethernet cable 4. Activated network jack Procedure: 1. Power the printer on for at least 24 hours. 2. Verify that you have an Ethernet card see picture in the printer by looking on the back of the printer. 3. After you have verified there is an Ethernet card, plug an Ethernet cable see picture into the Ethernet card and an activated network jack see picture. If the jack is not active, please contact your TSP/Consultant to have an IRIS ticket for jack activation created and submitted to CCITNETSERV. 4. Once the above have been completed and are successful, print out a configuration test page see picture. 5. Next create an IRIS ticket. In the ticket, please include the MAC address, location of the printer, printerand39s make and model, and submit the ticket to CCITNETSERV. 6. Once the queue has been created by Network Services, an email will be sent to the TSP/Consultant letting them know the name of the print queue. Contact your system administrator by sending an email to ITHELPclemson.edu to have the print drivers installed. CCIT recommends you purchase a Hewlett Packard Printers for your printing needs. Most printers come with a 3yearwarranty. To review what printers are being recommended and the sales representative, go to CCITand39s Recommended Laser Printers page. Also, please take into consideration when buying a printer, the size of the department and the amount of printing each person will do.