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HOW TO: Add an additional instructor to my Blackboard course
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Navigating to Course Central 1. Two ways to access: A. Navigate to http://central.clemson.edu. B. Alternatively, it can be accessed through Blackboard Learn. 1. Open your web browser and navigate to Blackboard Learn http://bb.clemson.edu. 2. Click the Courses tab. 3. On the right side of the Courses page, click the Course Central Course Setup Tool link. 4. This will open the Course Central login page in a separate tab or window.2. Enter your network Username and Password.3. Course Central will load with the Course Central page displayedAdding a CoInstructor to a Blackboard course: 1. In the Courses area, locate the Blackboard Learn Course to add an additional instructor. 2. Click the triangle at the right to expand the course or click on the course. 3. Next, click the Owners tab. 4. In the field provided, enter the Clemson username for the additional instructor. 5. Click Add. 6. The new instructor will be displayed in the Owners area. Notice that on the right side of the page the wordunsaved is highlighted in red. At this point the addition of the new instructor has not been saved. 7. To save the coinstructor, click Save All found in the upper left corner, or click on unsaved which will change to save all now when your mouse is over it.