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Creating an Exchange Account in Evolution
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This Solution Guide will show you how to set up an Microsoft Exchange account: 1. Open the Evolution Account Assistant and click Forward. 2. Fill in your full name and email address with the path exchange.clemson.edu. Make sure the box titled Make this my default account is checked and fill in the ReplyTo address and Organization fields. Click Forward. 3. On the next screen, select Microsoft Exchange for Server Type, fill in your username, and the Outlook Web Access address https://xmail.clemson.edu. 4. Click Authenticate button, enter your password, and click Ok. 5. In the Receiving Options window, enter gc.clemson.edu for the Global Catalog server name, check the box titled Limit number of GAL responses and set the maximum number of GAL responses at 500. Under the Options heading, make sure only the box labeled Password Expiry Warning period is checked and set the value at 7. Click Forward. 6. Give the account a name. Click Forward. 7. Click Apply to create the account.