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Recovering and Re-Import Offline files from Outlook 2007
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Recovering Offline files from Outlook and reimport Outlook 2007: First, we need to get outlook running without any concern for the Exchange server completely offline Start Outlook, go to TOOLS and click on Account Settings Highlight singleclick the account listed of type Exchange and click Change Leave Use Cached Exchange Mode checked and click More Settings On the General Tab, Change When starting to Manually Control State as above, Click OK which will return you to the previous menu click NEXT and FINISH Now close the Account Settings window and close Outlook completely Open Outlook, you will see a new popup Choose Work Offline and Outlook will open Go to FILE and click Import and Export Highlight Export to a file and NEXT Highlight Personal Folder File .pst and click NEXT Slide the bar up to the top of the list, highlight the Mailbox Username entry, check the box to Include subfolders and click NEXT MAKE A NOTE of the path and filename being exported to, Check Allow duplicate items to be created and click FINISH, another window will popup You can leave these settings and click OK, and then you should see the progress bar as the export is happening: After it is done, it simply disappears there is no confirmation of completion You are now done, please GO BACK to the first document for how to reconnect to Exchange Do NOT forget the file path you wrote down earlier, you will need that to reimport any data you need from your previous Exchange connection. Return to this document to import the data back To ReImport your data after successful reconnection: Open Outlook, Go to FILE and click Import and Export Choose import from another program or file and click NEXT Choose Personal Folder File .pst and click NEXT Click Browse and pick the file you exported earlier, tick Do not import duplicates and click NEXT Note the structure, it should look like the mailbox you are familiar with, Check Include Subfolders tick Import items into the same folder in and choose the Mailbox Username from the dropdown. Click FINISH. It will now import the data you extracted earlier. After it is done, it simply disappears there is no confirmation of completion