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Where do I grade assignments that have been submitted?
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You can access student submissions through the Grade Center. You have the option to download the filesindividually or all at once.1. Login to Blackboard Learn at https://bb.clemson.edu with your Clemson username and password and navigate to your course.2. Go to the Control Panel at the bottom left of your course menu and click on Grade Center.3. Select Full Grade Center.4. Any assignments that have been submitted will show up as a green exclamation mark under the assignment column.5. Click the action link to the right of the green exclamation mark and select View Grade Details.6. Select the View Attempt to grade.7. The Grade Assignment page is displayed.8. In the Review Current Attempt area, click the links for the Attached Files to open or download the document submitted for the selected assignment.9. In the Grade Current Attempt area, enter the Grade.10. Enter Feedback to User optional.11. Click Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection to attach a file. Select any files that contain information that needs to be shared with the student. This can be the studentand39s document with markups or a copy of the rubric with notes attached optional.12. In the Instructor Notes area, enter Notes or click Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection to attach a file. These are notes that only the instructor can see optional.13. Click Save and Exit.14. The Grade Center is updated to display the studentand39s grade.NOTE: All attempts must be graded, or additional attempts must be removed in order for the grade to appearin the Grade Center. Depending on Column settings, the First Attempt, Last Attempt, Lowest Grade, HighestGrade, or Average Grade will be displayed.KEYWORDS: BLACKBOARD GRADE CENTER ASSIGNMENTS