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How do I upload my grades to Blackboard? What file format does Blackboard use to upload grades?
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To upload grades to the Grade Center:1. Login to Blackboard Learn at https://bb.clemson.edu and navigate to your course.2. From the Control Panel, click on the Grade Center.3. Click Full Grade Center. The Grade Center page is displayed.4. Click on Work Offline on the far right of the page.5. Select Upload. The Upload Grades page is displayed.6. Click Browse to attach a file from your local computer or your Content Collection.7. Click a Delimiter Type. Blackboard recommends using tabdelimited files for uploading to the Grade Center.8. Click Submit. The Upload Grades Confirmation page is displayed.9. Under Upload, select the checkboxs for the columns to upload to the Grade Center. Only the selected columns will be updated in the Grade Center. NOTE: Columns with a checkbox indicate a change to an existing column or a new column.10. Click Submit.11. The columns will be updated or added to the Grade Center.KEYWORDS: BLACKBOARD GRADE CENTER UPLOAD GRADES