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I am working on entering student grades, but do not want them to see the column until I have completed entering all student grades. How would I do that?
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To hide a column in the Grade Center from student view:1. Login to Blackboard Learn at https://bb.clemson.edu and navigate to your course.2. From the Control Panel, click on the Grade Center.3. Click Full Grade Center.4. Click the Action link by the column name.5. Select Show/Hide to Users.6. The selected column is now disabled from the student view.7. The Column Not Visible to Users icon appears at the top of the column in the Grade Center.8. Alternatively, click on the action link next to the column name, select Edit Column Information, change the radio button from YES to NO to show this column to students in Section 3: Options, then click the Submit button.KEYWORDS: BLACKBOARD GRADE CENTER COLUMN