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Notification of Absences Module in MyCLE
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Students may now send a notice electronically to their professors of either an anticipated or unanticipated absence through MyCLE/Blackboard. With the Notification of Absences module, students can quickly notify all of their instructors of an absence. It remains the studentand39s responsibility to followup with professors to discuss any work which may be missed. A professor may require documentation e.g. a walkout statement from Redfern as always, the professor is the one who determines if a studentand39s absence is excused or unexcused. Finding and Using the Notification of Absences Module When students log in to MyCLE/Blackboard at http://mycle.clemson.edu, they will see a MyCLEmson tab. This tab contains many modules or windows that the students can customize, add, and remove. The Notification of Absences module is located on this tab. It is also located on the Students tab, a noncustomizable tab that contains all modules directed towards students. Students can select an absence type from a dropdown menu, and then fill in the rest of the information. Absences listed in the dropdown menu include illness, family emergencies, university functions, and other expected and unexpected absences.