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WebDrive - A Desktop Alternative to MyFiles
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WebDrive is an alternative away of accessing files in your Novell U: drive. It gives you the ability to access and transfer files as easy as accessing any file on your local hard drive. WebDrive even supports secure logins and secure transfers to protect your critical information. Installing WebDrive If you have already set up your workstation to use WebDrive, you should have a WebDrive icon in the bottom righthand corner of your screen. You may access your U: drive anytime simply by going to this icon: WebDrive icon If this is the first time you are using WebDrive on your workstation, you will need to set up WebDrive for your system. You will first need to download the WebDrive installation file. You can visit the Software Repository to download the software, installation key, and MyCLEDrive, which will let you automatically set up a WebDrive site for your Blackboard content system. Once installation is complete, you may need to restart your computer. You will notice a WebDrive icon in the bottom righthand corner of your screen: Icon in tray Setting up WebDrive to Connect to Your U: Drive To connect to your U: drive, you will need to rightclick on the WebDrive icon and choose Open Webdrive. You will need to create a New Site by clicking the New Site button in the bottom left corner of the WebDrive screen. For the name of your new site, you can call this U Drive. For the site address, you will need to enter ftp://ftp.netware.clemson.edu. Then click Finish. Once you have created the new site, you will want to modify some of the options on the right side of the WebDrive window. For example, for the drive letter, you may want to choose U: for convenience. You will need to deselect the Anonymous/Public Logon box. This will allow you to type in a username and password. Fill in the username with your full Novell context userid. This will be in the form .userid.firstletter.students.clemsonu, where userid is your userid and firstletter is the first letter of your userid. Clemson employees would use .userid.firstletter.employee.clemsonu instead. Please note the leading period If you want WebDrive to remember your password, place a check mark in the box next to Save Password. Connecting to Your U: Drive Once you have set up WebDrive with a site for your U: drive, you can click the Connect button directly from the WebDrive window to connect to your U: drive. You may also rightclick on the WebDrive icon and choose Connect to U Drive. If you did not choose to save your password, you will be presented with a box to enter your password. Once you enter your password and click OK, a window will open that will allow you to navigate within your U: drive. You may draganddrop files from your local computer directly into your U: drive and vice versa