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In Outlook, how do I make changes to the contents of a folder (such as the Contacts list) for a group or departmental Exchange account when user is not the owner in Outlook
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The owner of a group or departmental Exchange account can give certain other individuals in the group or department permissions on that account, allowing them to make changes when the account owner is unavailable and also to access folders and items on the group/departmental account within their personal profile in Outlook. This means those individuals donand39t need to create an Outlook profile on their computers for the group/departmental account, and also donand39t need to log out of their own and log into the departmental one every time they need access. But not every owner grants those permissions, and sometimes a user without the permissions must modify items on the groupand39s or departmentand39s Exchange account. There are two ways to do this: If you know the group or departmental accountand39s userID and password, you can create a profile for that group account and log into it directly. You can now modify the account as the owner. If creating a profile for that group account and logging into it is not possible, you can export the contents of the folder to some generic format e.g., a comma delimited list. Then you can reimport the data. Exporting and importing erases any permissions attached to the data. The account owner should grant permissions on the group/departmental Exchange account to at least one other person. If the owner will be absent permanently, the group or department should designate a new account owner.