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In Outlook, what are the Reading Pane, and AutoPreview?
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Note: When using the Preview or Reading Pane, you can view information about a name in the From:, To:, or Cc: field by doubleclicking the name. Reading Pane Outlook offers the Reading Pane, in which you can view and work with items that are in your Inbox by simply selecting them from your Inbox list. The Reading Pane is turned on and situated on the right of your Outlook window by default. To turn it off or reposition it, from the Outlook View menu, select Reading Pane, then click Right, Bottom, or Off. AutoPreview Using AutoPreview, you can read the first three lines of messages from the main Outlook window without opening them. To turn AutoPreview on, from the View menu, select AutoPreview. These same steps will turn it off if itand39s on. To preview the first three lines of unread messages only, follow the appropriate steps below. 1. From the View menu, select Arrange By. 2. Select Current View, then click Customize Current View. 3. Click Other Settings, then click Preview unread items.