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In Microsoft Outlook, how do I move one or more messages to another folder?
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In Microsoft Outlook, you have two options for moving messages from one folder to another. You can use your mouse to drag messages into another folder, or you can use the menus. To make absolutely sure youand39ve moved messages to the folder of your choice, you should follow these steps: 1. Select the message or messages you would like to move. 2. From the Edit menu, select Move to Folder... . Alternately, if you want to leave a copy of the message in the original folder, from the Edit menu, select Copy to Folder... . 3. In the window that opens, navigate to the folder in which you want to place the message, and click OK. The message you selected will now appear in the folder you chose. Moving messages with the mouse To drag the messages to a different file, you must be able to see both a list of folders in the left pane and a list of messages in the right pane of the window. If you see only one list, from the View menu, select Folder List. You should now be able to see both folders and messages. Using the mouse, you can drag messages from the right pane into a folder in the left pane. You can select multiple, noncontiguous messages by pressing Ctrl Cmd in Mac OS while clicking several messages. To select a range of contiguous messages, click to highlight the first one, then press Shift while clicking the last message in the range. Once multiple messages are selected, you can drag one of them to a folder in the left pane, and all selected messages will follow. If you use Outlook in Windows, you can drag the message with the right mouse button rather than the left. When you drop the message into the target folder, you are given a choice whether you would like to move or copy the message. If you use Outlook in Mac OS, you can hold down the Option key while dragging a message to copy, rather than moving it to the target folder.