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If my name is hidden from the Global Address List, can I use Outlook Web Access to access my Exchange mailbox?
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The system that Outlook Web Access OWA uses for name resolution will not connect a hidden recipient to a username. As a result, if you have your name hidden from the Global Address List GAL, you will not be able to use OWA to access your Exchange mailbox. In this case, you must use another client such as Outlook to access your mailbox. See the Microsoft knowledge base article 191221 for more details. You can search Microsoftand39s knowledge base at: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx Note: Outlook cannot be setup when the users account is hidden. They will need to reenable the account via the forwarding tool, http://www.clemson.edu/emailforwarding/ wait for the changes to propagate to the GAL, about 30 minutes then setup their Outlook client. However, this not a recommended setup, exchange is designed to function with the GAL enabled. By running your ID hidden, you can expect quirky behavior and a reduction in functionality.