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Outlook Storage/Archiving
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There are many methodologies for storing and archiving your mail. Within Outlook, archiving includes offloading your calendar entries, tasks and notes along with archiving your mail. To understand the possibilities, lets explore the structure of the Outlook files within the Exchange framework. Your Mailbox is stored on the Exchange Server. We recommend you turn on Cached Exchange Mode. This setting means that you have a copy of this folder stored locally and a copy stored on the Exchange server. The 2 copies are kept synchronized whenever you are connected to the Exchange server. If you take action on items in folders while offline, those changes are reflected on the Exchange server as soon as you reconnect. You can also have locally stored .pst files Personal Store. These files can be archive files or active files depending on what you put in them and how often you open them. Your IT Support Person can assist you with setting up the file structure you need to efficiently store your mail.