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HOW TO: Setup instructions for Webmail and Exchange in Mozilla Thunderbird
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Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client similar to Outlook that can be used to access your Clemson email accounts. Below is a guide on configuring Thunderbird for Windows to access Clemson Webmail and Clemson Exchange email accounts. The instructions will be similar for Thunderbird running on other operating systems such as linux. Configuring a new account: Thunderbird for Windows uses an Account Wizard to help you configure your email accounts. The Account Wizard should start the first time you launch the application. If it does appear, proceed to step 3. If it does not appear, start at step 1 below. 1 From the Tools menu, select Account Settings... 2 Click Account Actions at the bottom of the window, then click Add Mail Account... 3 In the Your name: field, enter your name as you want it to appear in the From: field of your emails. In the Email address: field, enter your Clemson email address usernameclemson.edu . In the Password: field, enter your Clemson password. Once these are entered, click Continue and then immediately afterwards click Manual config when it appears. 4 On the Incoming: line, make sure the dropdown box says IMAP. In the Server hostname field, enter mail.clemson.edu if you are accessing webmail or enter xmail.clemson.edu if you are accessing exchange. Set the Port field to 993. Set the SSL drop down box to say SSL/TLS. Set the Authentication drop down box to Normal password. On the Outgoing: line, enter mail.clemson.edu into the Server hostname field for both webmail and exchange. Set the Port field to 465. Set the SSL drop down box to say SSL/TLS. Set the Authentication drop down box to Normal password. Verify your username is correct and then click Done at the bottom of the window. Reading and sending mail: To read your mail, in the Folders pane on the left, click Inbox. If prompted, enter your Clemson password and click OK to download your messages. When you send mail, you should see the Mail Server Password Required window. Enter your password and click OK. If you want Thunderbird to remember your password, select Use Password Manager to remember this password before clicking OK. Note: If you have folders in CU Webmail that donand39t appear in Thunderbird, follow these steps: 1. After following the steps above and making sure Thunderbird can download messages from your Inbox, rightclick the account name in the folder list and choose Subscribe... . 2. Check the box next to each folder you would like to access, and then click Subscribe. If you have subfolders, you will have to click the plus sign next to the parent folder to view them. 3. When youand39re finished, click OK at the bottom. The folders will be listed under the Inbox you may have to click the plus sign to see them.