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ERROR: Could not find language file
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Problem: I am running Windows 7 with Firefox 13.0.1 and I am trying to login to an Adobe Connect meeting space. When I click login, I get the following error message: Could not find language file https://connect.clemson.edu/common/meetingAS3/lang/breezeopenmeetingstringsen.xml https://connect.clemson.edu/common/meetingAS3/launcher/launcher.swf Additionally, when I login to http://connect.clemson.edu I am unable to see any of the default tabs on the Home screen. Cause: There is a conflict with the newest version of Firefox 13.0.1 and Flash Player 11.3 and Real Player. Resolution: This is a known issue that has been identified by Firefox. The issue is titled Flash 11.3 doesnand39t load video into Firefox. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to uninstall Real Player from the affected computer or downgrade the Flash Player. KEY WORDS: Adobe Connect addin could not find language file Firefox Real Player 13.0.1 Flash Player 11.3