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SPSS error 7002 specific symptom 26
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Entered on 11/07/2008 at 15:52:29 by Jordan Harmon:SPSS will not open, it gives error number 7002 specific symptom 26 You must contact SPSS Tech support to fix this issue 312 6513410. To make this call quicker you will need information about the installation. To get this information go to StartRun and run the command C:Program FilesSPSSIncSPSS16echoid.exe a. This will bring up a command prompt with a series of information. The information that you need is the Hostname code, it will look like 8XXXXX. You will need the the numbers after the 8. Also there are some files that will need to be copied into the C:Program FilesSPSSIncSPSS16 directory. If these files are not accessible to you, the SPSS tech can direct you where to download them. After you give the SPSS tech the Hostname code they will send you a clean.lic file to copy into the same SPSS16 directory, once you havedone this run the clean.bat file that you copied in and it should fix this issue.