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HOW TO: Create an Extra Credit column in the Grade Center
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To create and include extra credit columns in studentsandrsquo final scores, follow these steps: 1. Click on Create Column in the Grade Center of the Blackboard course. 2. Type in a name for the column, for example, Extra Credit. 3. Choose a Primary Display. Score is most commonly used for extra credit. 4. Choose No Category which is the default. 5. Assign a point value of 0 for Points Possible. 6. There is an option to assign a Due Date to the Extra Credit. 7. Select Yes to Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations. Choose whether you want to Show this Column to Students. 8. Click Submit to create the Extra Credit column. 9. On the Grade Center page, click the action link in the Total column. You will see a dropdown menu. 10. Select Edit Column Information from the dropdown menu. 11. Scroll down to Select Columns area. 12. In the section titled Include in Total, choose Selected Columns and Categories. 13. Choose which columns and/or categories to include in the Total Points column. To include Extra Credit, select the title you chose for the Extra Credit column and move it to the section titled Selected Columns by clicking the center arrow. 14. Scroll down and click Submit. KEYWORDS: BLACKBOARD 9.1, GRADE CENTER, EXTRA CREDIT, COLUMN