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ERROR: Adobe Connect Add-in will not install in Google Chrome browser
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Problem: Google released Chrome 21 browser version 21.0.1180.60 on Windows on July 31. This new release of Chrome prevents the Adobe Connect AddIn from launching. It will continually ask you to install the Adobe Connect Addin. Symptoms: Adobe Connect 8 and 9 users who are running Chrome 21 browser on Windows, experience the following: Even if Addin is installed, Chrome 21 isnand39t aware of it consequently, the meeting opens in the browser and not in the Addin. Any Addinspecific functionality like screen sharing or sharing PPTX files starts the Lightning download for Addin. However, the download still fails. Installation of the Addin from the Help menu in the meeting fails. Making recordings offline fails, since this functionality requires installing the Addin. Resolution: If you experience these symptoms then please either use Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, or Safari or follow the instructions in the following Adobe Connect Help article to disable the PPAPI plugin. Please share this information with all your Meeting participants.http://helpx.adobe.com/adobeconnect/kb/googlechrome21browserincompatibility.html