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How-To: Setup Webmail on Android 4.0+
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HOWTO: Setup Clemson University webmail on Android OS 4.0 1 Open the applications panel by tapping the apps button at the bottom of the screen. 2 Open settings menu by tapping the settings button. 3 Scroll down to the accounts section and tap the add account button. 4 Select Email as the account to be added by tapping the Email button. 5 Fill out the email address and password section with your Clemson webmail address and password then tap the Manual Setup button. 6 Select IMAP as the account type by tapping the IMAP button. 7 Fill out the username and password with your Clemson username and password. Change the IMAP server to mail.clemson.edu and ensure the port is set to 143 then tap next. 8 Ensure that the outgoing mail server SMTP server is set to mail.clemson.edu and the port is set to 587. Uncheck the andldquoRequire signinandrdquo box and tap the andldquonextandrdquo button. 9 This screen is personal preferences. Select the frequency with which you want to download email and whether or not you would like new emails you compose to be sent from this account by default. Once the settings are selected, tap the andldquonextandrdquo button. 10 Finally, give the account a name that will identify it to you as your Clemson email and enter in your name that you would like attached to any emails sent from the account. Once completed, tap the andldquonextandrdquo button and the email setup will be complete. Email can now be accessed by going to the andldquomailandrdquo app on the android device.