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HOW TO: Downloading and Installing the Respondus LockDown Browser for Mac
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To install the Respondus Lockdown Browser:1.Open your web browser and navigate to the Clemson Respondus LockDown Browser webpage. 2. Click the Respondus LockDown Browser installation website link or click this direct link to install the application: http://www.respondus.com/lockdown/installw2own.plID548836813 NOTE: Do NOT download this application from the Respondus website as it is the customized version that works with Clemsonand39s Blackboard server. 3. Select your operating system: Mac. 4. Select the type of computer you are using: Lab computer, your own computer or work computer. 5.Click Install from Server 1 or Install from Server 2.6.Run the extracted package file Install Respondus Lockdown Browser.pkg 7.Follow the instructions in the installer. 8.To locate Respondus Lockdown browser, open the Finder.9.Click Applications.10.Then doubleclick Lockdown Browser. KEYWORDS: Respondus, LockDown Browser, Browser, tests, test