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ERROR: Updating the Respondus LockDown Browser to version 1.0.5
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Respondus released version 1.0.5 of the LockDown Browser in August 2012. Students will need the new version to complete an assessment and to avoid some issues. Issues that may be encountered if you are not using this version 1.0.5 of the LockDown Browser: Unable to move to the next question Unable to submit the test Cannot exit the LockDown Browser You may update your old version of Respondus LockDown Browser to 1.0.5. Windows 32bit Here are the steps to update your old version:1.Open the LockDown Browser.2.Click the i button on the toolbar of the LockDown Browser. 3.Click Check for New Version to install the new version of 1.0.5. Mac1.Open the Finder.2.Click Applications.3.Then doubleclick the Lockdown browser.4.Click About on the toolbar.5.Click Check for Update to update Lockdown browser.6.Verify that the new version has been installed.7.Open the Respondus LockDown Browser.8.Click the About button on the toolbar. 9.Check the version information.Verify that it says Version KEYWORDS: Respondus, Lockdown Browser, browser, tests, test