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ERROR: computer freezes while running the Respondus LockDown browser
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Issue: I started a test using the Lockdown Browser on my Windows XP home machine. The browser appeared to work correctly, so I attempted to exit the test. The Lockdown Browser locked up and stopped working. I had to physically press and hold the power button on my computer to turn it off. Once I restarted my computer the Shutdown feature was missing from the Start menu. Similar Issue as documented by Respondus: I rebooted my computer while Respondus LockDown Browser was running. Now the Windows Task Manager is greyed out and canandrsquot be used. What do I doSolution provided by Respondus:If a computer is powered down while Respondus LockDown Browser is running, the Windows Task Manager will continue to be blocked when the computer is restarted. To remove the blocking: Restart Respondus LockDown Browser Exit the program properly click the X in the top right corner. Then go to Start Log Off to complete the process. KEYWORDS: Respondus, LockDown browser, browser, testing, freeze, shutdown