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ERROR: Echo 360 - Dual Video Player Error
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Summary: The Echo 360 Personal Capture Software installed successfully without any errors. Then I started my first capture. At the end of the capture, the playback screen is displayed, but I receive the followingerror, failure to load recording for playback: DualVideoPlayer: ERROR hr80040273 SetNumberOfStreams. Solution: This is caused by the PC not having the video drivers installed properly. The capture is successfully recorded, but the above error will display when trying to view/edit the recording. In order to fix this error, please download the latest video drivers for the PC, update the video drivers on the PC, and reboot the PC after the update. Then try to edit the capture again, and the error should not be displayed again. KEYWORDS: FAILURE TO LOAD RECORDING, PLAYBACK, DUAL VIDEO PLAYER, SETNUMBEROFSTREAMS, SET NUMBER OF STREAMS, ECHO360, ECHO 360, PERSONAL, CAPTURE