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Exchange Setup Android 4.0+
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HOW TO: Setup Exchange Mail on Android 4.0 To Begin, navigate to the phone setting by opening the apps tab and then selecting the settings app. From within the setting app, scroll down to the accounts section and select the add account link. Next, select to add a corporate account exchange mail. Enter in your Clemson email address, USERNAMEclemson.edu and password below. If you would like to make this the account that the phone sends emails from by default, check the box below. Click next when done. If an error pops up like the image below. Do NOT click edit details, simply click outside of the area of the error and continue entering information from the following steps. Enter in the information shown ensuring the put campusUSERNAME as the domainusername and xmail.clemson.edu as the password. Also, ensure that Accept all SSL certificates is checked. When finished, click next. A popup window will appear that requests permission for Clemsonand39s mail servers to sync with your phone. Select OK. The next screen has personal preference settings that can be set at your discretion. After these settings are set, click next and the setup program will ask for a name for the email account. This can be any name that identifies the email account with something you recognize. After the name is entered, exchange mail setup will be complete.