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HOW TO: Mac OS users unable to import PowerPoint presentations into SMART Notebook software
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Problem: Mac OS Users are unable toImport PowerPoint presentations into theSMART Notebook application. Solution: To save your presentation as a PDF file: Open your presentation in PowerPoint software, and then select File Print. The Print dialog box appears. Select PDF Save as PDF, and then follow the onscreen instructions to save your presentation as a PDF file. Drag the PDF file onto your SMART Notebook page. Each PowerPoint slide appears as a SMART Notebook page. For additional information regarding this issue view the following Knowledge Base article from SmartTech. http://www.smarttech.com/us/Support/BrowseSupport/SupportDocuments/KB2/092335.aspx KEYWORDS: POWERPOINT, PDF, SMART, SMART NOTEBOOK, IMPORT, MAC, MAC OS, OS, UNABLE TO IMPORT, UNABLE TO OPEN, POWER POINT