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HOW TO: Delete content from the Share pod in an Adobe Connect meeting space
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Problem: How can I delete files from the Share Pod in an Adobe Connect Meeting Space Solution: If the files are being used in a Share pod, then you may have to delete the Share pod as well. To delete a Share pod: 1 Login to the actual meeting space. 2 From the Pods menu, select Manage Pods. 3 Click on the Type Column header. 4 Scroll down until you see the Share type, then find the name of the presentation you want to remove. 5 Select the presentation. 6 Then click Delete. 7 Then click Done. The content may still show up in the Share Pod, if you chose Share Document, under Share History. To clear a file from the Share Pod, Share History: 1 From the Share Pod, click the drop down menu next to Share my Screen. 2 Select Share Document. 3 On the left side of the popup window, select Share History 4 Then on the right side select the document to remove and click Clear. 5 Then click Cancel. It should now be permanently removed from the space. To delete documents from a meeting space permanently, you will: 1 Open your web browser and go to https://connect.clemson.edu 2 Click the Meetings link in the gray bar at the top of the screen. 3 Click the link for the Name of the Meeting. 4 Then click the Uploaded Content link. 5 Select the checkboxes for the content to remove. 6 Then click Delete. If you are not the owner of the meeting, then the owner of the meeting will need to use these steps to remove content. KEYWORDS: DELETE, ADOBE CONNECT, SHARE POD, FILES, DOCUMENTS, PRESENTATIONS, POWERPOINT, CONTENT