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CONFIG: Getting feedback and Echo in an Adobe Connect meeting
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Problem: Issues with abnormal echo and sound looping in Adobe Connect. Audio setup wizard has been performed. Solution: There are a couple of things that can cause this feedback loop. One issue could be that one of the students has an open mic, with their speakers on, so the sound is looping back through. You can decipher whether or not there is currently an open mic by looking at the Attendee List. If you see your mic flashing and a students mic flashing, then that tells you that there are two mics open. It is recommended to ask students to either mute their microphones when they are not talking or to have earbuds or a headset plugged in. It needs to be explained, however, that if students are using their builtin laptop mic or a mic that is with their webcam, that the speakers are often too close to the mic. Plugging in a headset of some sort will prevent the audio from coming through the speakers, and hopefully eliminate that feedback loop. If there is still feedback, you can mute all student microphones and ask them to raise their hand when they have a question or want to participate. That way you can narrow down which student is causing the feedback. KEYWORDS: AUDIO, ADOBE CONNECT, AUDIO SETUP WIZARD, ECHO, LOOPING