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HOW TO: Add a co-host to a meeting space in Adobe Connect
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Problem: Adding Users to a meeting space Solution: 1 Open Adobe Connect Enterprise Server https://connect.clemson.edu 2 Login 3 Click the Meetings link in the gray bar at the top of the screen 4 Click the name of the meeting to go into the meeting properties. 5 Click the Edit Participants link for the meeting. 6 Click the Search button in the bottom left corner of the screen. 7 A search field will appear. Either type the persons first name followed by last name or type their last name. 8 The list will automatically filter. 9 Select the personand39s name from the left side of the screen. 10 Click the Add button. 11 Then select the personand39s name from the right side of the screen. 12 Click the Set User Role button. 13 Change their role to either Presenter or Host. KEYWORDS: USERS, MEETING SPACE, ADOBE CONNECT, HOST, COHOST