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ERROR: Error when uploading PowerPoint files into Adobe Connect Meeting Space
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Problem: Error when loading PowerPoint files into Adobe Connect Meeting space Solution 1: While Adobe Presenter 7 is compatible with the new PowerPoint file format, if you save the files in the PowerPoint 972003 file format .PPT. If you have PowerPoint 2007: 1 Open the PPTX file 2 Then click the Office Button 3 Choose Save As PowerPoint 972003 If you have PowerPoint 2010: 1 Open the PPTX file 2 Then click the File tab 3 Choose Save As 4 From the Save As type drop down menu, select PowerPoint 972003 Presentation TIP: If you have a computer that has PowerPoint 2003 or older installed and need to be able to open newer files to save them down, there is a compatibility pack you can download from Windows. The compatibility pack will allow you to open a newer PPTX file and be able to save it down. You can download the compatibility pack from the following webpage: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspxid3 Solution 2: In some instances you may receive an error when trying to upload a PowerPoint presentation. If you press andldquoIgnoreandrdquo it may continue with the upload anyway. This is usually due to an unsupported PowerPoint feature. Solution 3: Sometimes these error messages are due to length of file names or extra spaces or characters in the file name. If the file name is long or contains special characters, you can rename the file and then try uploading it again. Solution 4: Uploading of larger PowerPoint files either large file size or many slides may cause the upload to fail from within a Connect Meeting session. Try to split the PowerPoint into multiple smaller files or reduce the file size of your presentation and the try uploading it again. KEYWORDS: POWERPOINT, UPLOAD, ADOBE CONNECT