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HOW TO: Issues with Tablet Laptops and Adobe Connect recordings
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Problem: There is an issue with widescreen tablet laptops. When the instructor flips their monitor and lays it flat on top of their keyboard to write, it changes to portrait mode. The instructor then has to press a button to reorient the laptop to landscape mode. For some reason the laptop image displays on the tablet in landscape mode, but gets stuck in the external display in portrait mode. The problem then becomes that only the recording in the middle of the screen can be seen in Adobe Connect. Solution: There is a setting in the control panel for the button that orients the monitor. On this particular instructors monitor, it was setup to: Primary Monitor: Landscape Secondary Monitor: Portrait Third Monitor: Landscape We changed these settings to: Primary Monitor: Landscape Secondary Monitor: Landscape Third Monitor: Portrait Then we flipped the monitor to lay flat for inking purposes. Pressed the orient button once. This seemed to resolve the problem. These settings vary from tablet to tablet. Research your tablet orientation settings to confirm how to change this for your select tablet. KEYWORDS: TABLET, LAPTOPS, ADOBE CONNECT, RECORDINGS