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Converting Eudora Mailboxes to Outlook Using Transend Migrator
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Summary: Converting Eudora Mailboxes to Outlook Using Transend Migrator Solution: Requirements: Transend Migrator Outlook must be the default mail client 1. Open Transend Migrator, click the button next to Message Folders, then click Next. 2. In the Convert From field, select Eudora. 3. In the Convert To field, select Exchange/Outlook. 4. Click Next. 5. Click Browse, locate the Eudora data folder, select it, and click OK. Common locations are c:eudora, u:data, and u:eudora. To verify the folder, open it in Windows Explorer. It will contain In.mbx, Out.mbx, and Junk.mbx, among others. You can open In.mbx and check its contents to see that it is the correct data folder. 6. Click Next. 7. If you only have one profile, click Next. If you have multiple profiles, you can use Browse to select the file, and use the password field if needed. 8. Click on the mailboxes to be converted. To convert more than one, hold CTRL and click on as many as needed. 9. Click Next. 10. Click Next. If options are needed, please be sure that you are aware of their function. Wait until the conversion has finished, and click OK. 11. You may now exit Transend Migrator. Your messages will be placed in the default profile under the folder Eudora Folders.