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Convert Eudora Address Books to Outlook with Transend Migrator
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Summary: Convert Eudora Address Books to Outlook with Transend Migrator Solution: Requirements: Transend Migrator Install information here Outlook must be the default mail client Instructions here Note: This method is good for address books with up to about 6000 entries. If you know you have more, or you have many and this method fails, please check the documentation at Coming Soon for splitting Eudora Address books. 1. Open Transend Migrator 2. In Transend Migrator, click the button next to Address Books and then click Next 3. Click the drop down menu under Convert From: and select Eudora 3.0 4. Click the drop down menu under Convert To: and select Exch/Outlook Contacts. Then click Next. 5. Click Browse and locate the Eudora data folder. It will contain the nndbase.txt file for this user. Common locations are U:data and U:eudora. Then click Open to select the file. Click Next to proceed. NOTE: To ensure that you have selected the correct folder, you can browse to the location in windows explorer and double click one of the .mbx files, which will open in Eudora you can then verify the contents of that .mbx file. 6. If you have not created a custom .pst file for Outlook, click Next. Otherwise, locate the desired .pst file by click Browse. 7. Click Start to begin the conversion. A progress bar will appear. NOTE: Transend Migrator usually takes just a few seconds, but with larger address books it may become unresponsive and the title bay may say Not Responding. Do not close it, it is still processing. Only terminate the process if it has been unresponsive for over 20 minutes. 8. A dialog box will appear showing how many addresses it converted. Click OK. You may now exit Transend Migrator, or repeat as needed.