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HOW TO: Change the role of guest speaker from Participant to Host in an Adobe Connect Meeting
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Problem: Faculty or nonfaculty guest speaker needs access to the Adobe Connect meeting space with host rights for a single session. Solution: There are several options for allowing guest speakers temporary presenter or host rights in an Adobe Connect meeting space. Changing Attendee Permissions 1. Open your Adobe Connect meeting space. 2. In the Attendee List pod, expand the Participants list. 3. Select the Guest Presenterandrsquos name, and then from the Hover option select whether to Make Host or Make Presenter. NOTE: Another way to change permissions is to select the Guest Presenterandrsquos name in the Attendee List pod, and then drag their name from the Participants role to either the Presenters or Host role. Set the Meeting Space to AutoPromote Alternatively you can set the meeting space to autopromote all users to the role of Presenter. This option automatically promotes all participants in the meeting space to the Presenter role. The Presenter role has access to the camera and microphone buttons as well as all of the pods on the current layout. To enable the autopromote option: 1. Open your Adobe Connect meeting space. 2. From the Meeting menu, select Manage Access and Entry. 3. Then select AutoPromote Participants to Presenters. NOTE: This is a toggle. When it is selected a checkmark will appear next to the option. When it is turned off the checkmark will no longer appear next to the option. KEYWORDS: ADOBE CONNECT, ADOBE CONNECT, GUEST SPEAKER, FACULTY, NON FACULTY, NONFACULTY, HOST, HOST RIGHTS, HOST PERMISSIONS, GUEST LECTURER, GUEST, ACCESS, PERMISSIONS, PRESENTER, MEETING SPACE, MEETING