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ERROR: Adobe Connect inking over documents is not working
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Problem: There is an inking issue that seems to happen when steps are peformed in a certain order. These steps are: Share document Stop Sharing Share the Whiteboard Inking isnand39t available Solution: Toggle off Draw while Sharing the Document before you Stop Sharing and it will not break the inking for the whiteboard. Further bugs you might want to know about: 1. Inking on the ppt or pptx was not recorded, but whiteboard is OK. 2. Canand39t edit a recording, cut option was grayed out.KEYWORDS: ADOBE, ADOBE CONNECT, LIVE, LIVE SERVER, INK, INKING, ISSUE, PROBLEM, DRAW, DRAWING, TOOL, WHITEBOARD, WHITE BOARD, CANand39T, SAVE, DELETE, DISAPPEAR, SHARING, SHARE