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OVERVIEW: Windows 8 and Adobe Connect
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Question: What browsers are currently supported for Adobe Connect on a Windows 8 operating systemResolution:Please be advised that there are currently some known issues when using a Windows 8 computer to participate in an Adobe Connect Meeting. At this time it is advised by Adobe to run your computer using Windows 8 Desktop mode to conduct Adobe Connect Meetings. In Desktop mode Adobe Connect should work as usual. These issues have been documented by Adobe and additional information regarding them can be found in the following Help document from Adobe.http://helpx.adobe.com/adobeconnect/kb/windows8supportconnect8.htmlAdditionally, there are known issues with the Adobe Flash Player that may affect your Adobe Connect session. These issues have been documented in the following Help document from Adobe.http://helpx.adobe.com/flashplayer/kb/flashplayerissueswindows8.htmlKEYWORDS: ADOBE CONNECT, WINDOWS 8, FLASH PLAYER, SUPPORTED BROWSERS