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HOW TO: Copy all tests from one course to another course
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To copy all of the tests from one course to another:1. Go to the Control Panel of the course where the tests are currently located.2. Select Packages and Utilities.3. Select Course Copy. 4. Select Copy Type: Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.5. Select Copy Options: Browse for Destination Course ID, select and submit it. Select Tests, Surveys, and Pools.6. Click Submit.7. In the destination course, verify that all the copied tests are listed in the Control Panel under Course Tools Tests, Surveys, and Pools Tests.8. Deploy the tests as needed in the Content area of the course. To deploy a test into a Content area:1. Click on a content area in the course menu where students will access their tests.2. Click on Assessments. Choose Test.3. Select the Test in the list to Add Test. Click Submit.4. Set the Test Availability and other Test options. Click Submit. 5. A column will automatically be generated in the Grade Center when a test is deployed.