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HOW TO: Decrease your course quota
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In order to reduce your course quota, you need to delete documents from the content area in your course and also delete them from the Course Content Collection.To delete content from your course Content Collection:1. In the Control Panel of your course, click the Content Collection link. 2. Click the link below this that corresponds with your course ID.5. Select the documents to remove by checking the boxes.6. Click Recycle.7. Once the documents have been recycled, click the link for the Recycle Bin.8. Then click the Empty Bin button.9. A warning message is displayed stating that this will delete all items currently in the Recycle Bin.10. Click OK.11. A green pop up message will appear at the top of the Course Content stating that the content was successfullydeleted. This opens up more space in your course allowing you to upload additional files. KEYWORDS: BLACKBOARD 9.1, CONTENT COLLECTION