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How do I send an email message to a group of people?
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Summary: How do I send an email message to a group of people Solution: On most email systems, you can put several addresses on the To: line. For some systems, when you do this you will need to separate the address by commas or spaces, depending upon the system in Outlook, you need to separate them with a semicolon. Some systems require you to put each address on a separate line. However, if you are sending email to a large number of people, you should place all but one of the addresses on the blind carbon copy Bcc: line of the message. If the addresses are on the Bcc: line rather than the To: and Cc: lines, a reply to the message will go only to the original sender, not the entire list of recipients. When replies go to all the original recipients, each reply is also considered a mass mailing. You can also set up a distribution list. Several methods exist for setting up a distribution list. Your choice of method will depend on the listand39s size and what you intend to do with it. If you wish to send messages regularly to a group of people, you can create a personal distribution list. If you have a very large list, or if youand39d like people other than yourself to be able to send mail to the list, you may need to use mailing list software such as LISTSERV. Personal distribution lists You can create personal distribution lists using your email clientand39s address book. For instance, you could create a list named Family containing the following addresses: bobclemson.edu sallyibm.com dadcleveland.freenet mombluemarble.net Then, to send a message to all four members of your family, you would address the message to: Family Check the help for your email software for more information about creating and using a mailing list. For information about creating a mailing list in Microsoft Outlook, see the Knowledge Base document In Microsoft Outlook, how can I categorize my Contacts and send email using the categories Such personal distribution lists are by far the easiest to manage. You can set them up and make any changes yourself, and the commands you enter will take effect right away. Note: When you create distribution lists using a desktop email program installed on your computer, your lists are usually stored only on your computer the exception is Outlook configured to use Exchange. This is called a clientside distribution list, and is available only from your computer. When you make lists using CU Webmail , or using Outlook in the Exchange environment, they are stored on the mail server, which you can then access from any other computer on the Internet. This is called a serverside distribution list. LISTSERV mailing lists You can subscribe individuals to a LISTSERV list if you have each personand39s email address, or individuals can subscribe themselves.