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How to install Blackboard Mobile Learn onto Kindle Fire
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Can the Blackboard Mobile Learn be installed on a Kindle Fire Blackboard Mobile Learn can be installed since the Kindle Fire uses the Android OS. The process used is called andldquosideloadingandrdquo and does not void the warranty on the Kindle Fire. It should be noted though that the Kindle Fire is not a device supported by Blackboard even though Blackboard Mobile Learn seems to function correctly when installed. Why would you choose the Kindle Fire for mobile Blackboard accessThe answer is simply cost. A new Kindle Fire costs 159 directly from Amazon while an iPadandrsquos price ranges from over 300 up to 1000 depending on specs. If what you need is a tool to connect to Blackboard to enhance your learning experience then Kindle Fire should be considered a viable option.Does the Kindle Fire support WPA2/EAPYes. The Generation 2 Kindle Fire used in the this attempt did not experience any problems connecting to Eduroam. The specs listed below are from Amazon.Supported WiFi NetworksKindle Fire support multiple router types and WiFi network encryption types.Kindle Fire can connect to Open, WEP, WPA PSK, WPA2 PSK, WPA EAP, and WPA2 EAP encrypted networks. Kindle Fire can also connect to B, G and N type routers on 2.4Ghz.Kindle Fire can connect to enterprise networks.Is the installation process difficultNo. The process is pretty simple and any user with moderate technical savvy can do it. You can use these same instructions to install apps from other sites that you cannot find on Amazon.Installation Process 1. On your Kindle Fire navigate to the Settings screen, then go to Device and turn on Allow Installation of Application from Unknown Sources. 2. Install a file manager from Amazon onto your Kindle Fire. The file I used was ES File explorer which is free and can be downloaded directly from Amazon and installed like any other app.3. Download the Blackboard Mobile Learn app from the site of your choice such as androidvnd.com directly to your computer.4. Connect your Kindle Fire to your computer using a micro USB cable . 5. Drag and drop the file onto your Kindle making note of the destination.6. Disconnect your Kindle and start your file explorer. You should see your new app, and be able to hit andldquoinstall.andrdquo 7. Turn off the andldquoAllow Installation of Application from Unknown Sourcesandrdquo setting on your Kindle.