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Recommended laptop information for 2013-2014
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Recommended laptops: Clemson University provides official laptops recommendations to ensure that students can run all necessary software for their classes. These recommendations are updated yearly at the beginning of the summer. Included in the recommendations are multiple tiers of Apple and Windows laptops currently Dell brand and a tablet computer currently HP brand. See Why buy a recommended laptop on the following page: http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/hardware/purchasing/whyrecommended.html The recommended laptops can be seen on the following page: http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/hardware/purchasing/laptoprecommendations.html For convenience, the prices for 20132014 recommendations are as follows: Apple Macbook Pro 13in: 1182 and 1482 two different levels, includes 3 years of manufacturer warranty only Apple Macbook Pro 15in: 1938 and 2238 two different levels, includes 3 years of manufacturer warranty only Dell latitude E6430: 1139 includes 4 years of manufacturer and accidental damage warranty Dell latitude E6530: 1359 includes 4 years of manufacturer and accidental damage warranty Dell Precision M4700: 1799includes 4 years of manufacturer and accidental damage warranty Of the recommended laptops, some majors have further preferences/restrictions. A PDF chart with this information is available at this link: http://media.clemson.edu/ccit/crlt/media/laptop/pdf/2013preferredlaptopmatrix.pdf Note: The Apple Macbook Pros are not retina models. We do not recommend these versions as they have limited support capabilities. If a Macbook Pro with retina display is purchased, an USB ethernet adapter and USB disk drive adapter must also be purchased for full support at the support center. Thunderbolt adapters are not fully functional and will not work in place of a USB adapter. Also, we do not have loaner laptops available for retina Macbook Pros at any time. Note: The Apple Macbook Pros do not come with an accidental damage warranty. Clemson has a contract with Safeware to provide this coverage at an educational discounted cost. This coverage includes fire, theft, loss, liquid damage and lightening. A quote for the laptop or any other device the student would like to ensure can be obtained from this webpage: http://www.safeware.com/clemson NonRecommended: If purchasing a recommended laptop is not possible, Clemson has options for nonrecommended low cost laptops. Software support will still be provided to these nonrecommended laptops, but not all software is guaranteed to run optimally. These laptops are definitely not recommended for Engineering, Architecture, or Construction Science majors Also, hardware support may be limited and costs associated with repairs may be out of pocket for the student. For the first time this year, Clemson offers low cost nonrecommended laptops for purchase from both Dell and HP. These laptops come with 1 year of manufacturerand39s warranty no accidental coverage. These laptops can still be repaired at the support center and service performed under warranty will be covered by the manufacturer. The low cost, nonrecommended HP laptop can be seen here click on the Standard Packages button: http://applieddatatech.hostasaurus.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvcScreenCTGYandCategoryCodeclemson HP Notebook 655 E21800: 479 includes 1 yearof manufacturer warranty only The low cost, nonrecommended Dell laptop can be seen here select Products at the top and then Laptops: http://www.dell.com/Clemson Dell Latitude 3330: 522includes 1 yearof manufacturer warranty only Netbooks including Macbook Air, tablets and other sublaptop devices have very limited software support and no hardware support. CCIT will attempt to connect these devices to Eduroam and install antivirus software, but further software assistance is not available. For Both Recommended and Nonrecommended: Laptops can be both reserved for pickup on campus and ordered factory direct to your residence. More information about this can be found here: http://www.clemson.edu/ccit/hardware/applestore/ Clemson licensed software is available for all laptops recommended or not, but only laptops purchased through Clemson can be reimaged back to factory settings by CCIT at no cost. Questions about purchasing options, packages and prices can be directed to the Clemson Computer store at 8646561563. Questions about software/hardware support or other technical questions can be directed to the CCIT Support Center at 8646563494 or email ITHELPclemson.edu. CCIT Support Center