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CONFIG: Configure Webmail to properly display HTML formatted emails
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ISSUE: Emails are cutoff, formatted improperly or display code instead of message text when viewed in webmail at webmail.clemson.edu . SOLUTION: To aid in complex formatting, emails have the capability of using embedded HTML code. By default, webmail will not display HTML formatted emails when viewed from webmail.clemson.edu. If messages are not displaying properly, try enabling the HTML version. Steps to do so are displayed below. First, log into webmail.clemson.edu and press Options at the top. Next, click on Display Preferences on the right. Next, fill the Yes circle beside Show HTML Version by Default. Finally, scroll down and press Submit. If you are still unable to view the email properly, the issue may be unrelated to HTML. You can contact the CCIT Support center at ithelpclemson.edu or 8646563494 for further assistance.